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Patrick Jonsson

yDescription of the maker

My name is Patrick Jonsson. I am a Swedish knife maker who has just turned 5 years old. I live and am raised in northern Sweden. Crafts and handycrafts have only taken place in my adult life in recent years, but the interest in materials and design has always existed. As a child I gathered stones, pieces of wood and other things I found in nature. I just brought it home because I saw something in the materials and shapes that I thought was beautiful. Mom was not completely satisfied as my great interest in materials took some space and did not always smell completely fresh. Especially when I was on fishing trips I could bring home both one and the other in the form of old horns or rotten wooden pieces that I saw something special about.

Throughout my life, I have spent a lot of time in the wild due to the point that fishing has been and still is a great passion for me. It was my interest in fishing that created my first craft interest when I, as a 10-year-old, began to tie flies. As a person I like to constantly look for new ways and I do not like to do the same thing several times.

I sell my items mainly via the internet and have started a website called www.jonssons-knivar.se. There you can read everything about the items I build but also buy or agree on an order adapted build. In addition, I arrange 100% tailor-made fishing trips in the Swedish mountain world but also out to sea in northern Norway. I have an incredible number of fishing hours in my luggage in many places from all seasons and can, on the customer’s wishes, put together exciting experiences. I have built a workshop and really do most things except forging. The workshop grows as I add new techniques to my creation. I live in a small community called Bureå just outside Skellefteå.

I build hunting knives, kitchen knives, art knives, cups (kåsa), axes and everything I can think of that are related, and that may be useful arts and crafts. A “kåsa” (coffee cup with a handle) should work to drink coffee from, but it must also be beautiful and express the contact with nature.

I build in material that fascinates me and which I consider as beautiful. I have a great preference for material with a history such as fossils, meteorite, bog oak but also wood species from odd places. I also love materials from my home country in northern Sweden such as birch and horn from reindeer and moose. It is satisfying to create arts and crafts from scratch. To begin by finding materials in the forest that must then be dried and handled properly, proceed to a finished beautiful object.

I have no special niche but work quite broadly and take inspiration from all corners of the world and hope to be able to develop my craft for every knife I create. I strive to always find a new feeling or a new variation on my next creation as I want to push my limits to what I can succeed in achieving. The materials are central to my design as patterns, color and shape completely control my inspiration.

Knives naturally require fine blades and, in the absence of being a blacksmith, I have established close collaborations with some really talented blacksmiths. Most of the knives I have built have blades from Magnus Jönsson or Mattias Styrefors. I have tried to be Swedish in my purchases from blade-grinders and blacksmiths when I prefer to try to have a Nordic foundation in my art. Sometimes, of course, I build on foreign blades and have bought some blades from Gregory Verizhnikov whose forging often suits my taste. I have a rather great preference for damascus forging and then especially mosaic damascus. I am more interested in the materials own design and pattern than creating my own patterns which is why I do not scrim or engrave my pieces. The mosaic damascus becomes a way of expressing itself that fits my taste perfectly.

I spend time in the wild all seasons. There, in addition to fishing, I get the opportunity to look for cool materials that I can then refine into something beautiful that can enhance any other person’s leisure activity. That I, with my artistic mind and my hands, produce something that gets life and that remains over time appeals and satisfies me.


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