I like knives of very high quality and good function. I build whith beautiful and often old materials to create really nice friends for the kitchen. I can build a knife as an order or you can choose to buy knives I have already made if i still got them unsold.

I create knifes to be used when hunting, fishing or just to be out in the nature. Excellent materials and fantastically fine blades are the starting point where the design should work to use at the campfire and be able to follow you in the belt on your activities in the woods and on the water. My knifes are for some customers just art to enjoy.

My wildlife cups or as we say in Sweden “Kåsa” or the traditional sami name guksi are an expression for my love of wood and the fantastic beuty you can find in our natures own materials. For the love of nature and its beuty.

I love fishing all seasons and places. I have spent many years in the mountains both in winter and summer. Sea fishing in northern Norway for the same length of time. This love of being in the wild combined whith my interest for beutyfull materials and a strong love for handycraft creates all the tings you can see here on my website.

If you find something of interest, just send me a message. The price of the knives is from about SEK 5,000 and up depending on the material and design. I can also take orders and build something we agree on together.